In his new show “Chain Reaction”, Samuelito builds one to send candy flying into his mouth. They are peppered with a slingshot, which is released by a ball that unwinds on a thread from a fishing rod, set in motion by a somersaulting dog, which is activated by a child from the audience who is hopping after a lollypop when the artist’s suitcase closes is spat out by a saber-toothed tiger, which jumps because of a toy car that drives off because two people in the audience hug.
As usual, Samuelito improvises as much as he can. And if the artist doesn’t know what to do anymore, he has a new assistant: ChatGPT. The comic intelligence finds the right audience greeting live, spontaneously selects the volunteers and composes ad hoc love poems for couples who don’t yet know how lucky they are. The AI surprises not only the audience, but also Samuelito himself.

Here the previous demo video: